Friday, September 14, 2007

We are Mouse-bound!!

Heading out in the weeeeee early morning hours tomorrow. We need to be up at 5:15am to catch our flight to Orlando...Yipppeeee!!

So what am I NOT doing? ....packing

So what am I doing instead? ....making these super-cute autograph books for my girls, of course!!

Now, as much as I LOVE Disney, I just CANNOT tolerate all of their licensed character papers that are on the market--Good God, they make me want to hurl! I find them quite gaudy and gauche, and try as I might, I just couldn't bring myself to make that purchase--even for my kids.
What I did find as a perfect substitute was these Cherry Arte Cosmic Energy papers. They had all the right colors, and I was even able to accentuate some of the miscellaneous circles with some Heidi Swapp bling to represent a Mickey Mouse head...Not bad, eh? I didn't go overboard with lots of embellies, as these books will put through some rigorous handling, hence the need to mod podge the cover too. I'm not too crazy about the look of the mod podge on the cover, but wanted to give it a bit of protection...It's ok, I can live with it...It is far better than one of the cookie cutter books found in the parks, and I didn't have to subject myself to the purchase of f-ugly papers you find in the stores.

Now that I can check these books off my to-do list, it is on to packing!


See you in a week!



Shannon said...

Those are beautiful Edith! I hope they have a great time and you too! I expect lots and lots of pictures!

Rachael said...

Love them!! The Cherry Arte is perfect!! Have a wonderful time!

NancyJones said...

Just love this project so so so cute! YOu did a fantastic job with it! YALL HAVE FUN!!! gonna miss ya!

TanishaRenee said...

Have fun and take lots of pics!

Super cute projects!

Amy Birch said...

Wow, they ARE super cute! Have a super vacation!

Michelle said...

those are GREAT!!!have a great time tell Mickey we said "hi"

Michelle said...

So how was Disney??would love to see some pictures!

wanted to let you know that you've been tagged check out my blog for da details :)