Sunday, March 25, 2007

Get outta town!

We took a little 2-day "get outta town" trip with the kids, where we spent the night at Mohegan Sun, and played some arcade games, went for a swim, had dinner at Johnny Rocket's, and just generally hung out.

Look at what Olivia won in the arcade! You know those games that have the giant mechanical claw that is on a remote control and comes down to grab the animal out of a heap of plush toys? You know the ones...they're nearly impossible to win at...Matt took one turn on it, I took one turn, and Olivia took one turn and wham-o!!! Jackpot!! She scores a big headed dog! She was happy as a clam, and wanted to bring him everywhere we went...Too bad she isnt old enough to play the craps table!! LOL!

From the casino, we went to Mystic Aquarium, and spent the day exploring, and checking out all the animals and fish they had there...Here is just one of the many cool things we saw when we were visiting the aquarium this past weekend. This is a beluga whale.

Here is a jellyfish

This is my favorite picture from the weekend(well, that I am willing to share at this point)!! I thought for sure I would get wicked glare/distortion from the tanks, but it wasn't too bad...Although dangerous, they are so beautiful and graceful!!

I have been gettin' busy with crafting since we've been home, I have a deadline with ilove2create, and I still have a couple more things left to do. I am planning on using another picture from our weekend away, but you will have to check back later to see what it is!

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