Thursday, March 15, 2007

Look what I got today!!!

I have been away most of the day, between bringing the kids to school (had to bring in their rocket projects, and there is no way they'd survive the trip on the bus), going to Mahopac for my class at Lasting Memories, doing some shopping at LM (!!!!--i'll spill the beans in a few minutes), coming home, and hearing the weather report, "What!!! We're getting how many inches of snow?!", jumping on the computer really quick to whip up a reminder document for the Yankee Candle Fundraiser, zooming over to school and printing off copies and distributing them, bringing the kids home, and helping out with their homework, it is now 5 something PM, and I am just catching up with my daily web haunts. OK, so that was a terribly long run on sentence, and I was never a scholar when it came to grammar, but I got it all out, and you got the gist, right?

So after all that I stop in at 2 Sassy Scrappers, and lo and behold, my new Design Team Blinkie is waiting for me!! Isn't it cute?

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Well, as far as making any money today off of the class I taught, that all went to hell in a handbasket when I saw the stamps that came in!! I got two new sets of acrylic stamps from ArtWarehouse Limited Edition, they are by Danelle Johnson...they are sooooo great!

Memories Interactive Circles Lg

Memories Interactive Journaling Circles Sm

YaY!! I can't wait to play! I will also post some links to the new papers I will be using for some of my upcoming classes...but for now, I gotta get busy! :D

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