Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I worked my tail off today!

Let me start by saying i have a love-hate relationship with Yankee Candle...I am totally in love with their products, and I have even visited their flagship store in Deerfield, MA--FUN!!! So many delicious flavors to choose from, and tons for every season. Yes, I'll have one of everything, please!!

But right now, I am so NOT feelin' the love!! Our school is doing a YC fundraiser, and in a brief moment of insanity sometime in Feb., I agreed to Chair this fundraiser. Today was the end of the sales period, and the day we tallied our sales. That means we (four of us volunteers) were inundated with wacked-out order forms that had scratched out items and arrows pointing every which way from crazed parents trying to get their kids packets in before the deadline (and yes Heather, I am talking about you :) !! Order forms where addition was incorrect, some sellers with multiple order forms that would take Einstein a week to wade through... We received checks, cash, IOU's and yes, even change to make up the total amounts due. Can you see where I'm going with this? Can you see why I am not feelin' the love for YC right now? I think I need to self-medicate with some adult beverages right now.

Fundraising is such a sticky business, and yet, we do it for the benefit of our kids. I have to remember to keep repeating that mantra..."We do it for the benefit of our kids. We do it for the benefit of our kids. We do it for the benefit of our kids". After this fundraiser is over, I will have a new mantra, "Don't Chair anymore fundraisers".

All of this whining really has nothing to do with Yankee Candle, themselves. They always have superior products and a stellar reputation, that I am sure (ok, i'm crossing my fingers here!) everything will run smoothly from here on out. I will be one happy camper when my $105 worth of candles arrives in April, and who knows, perhaps this will be like the pain of childbirth...they say you forget it after a while.

So when all was said and done, and we wrapped up our little YC pow-wow this morning, I high-tailed it out of there, went to get the oil changed in my car, and filled 'er up with some gas. I also got some laundry done, dinner made, helped the kids with their homework, dropped off the money from the YC fundraiser to the PTO treasurer, wrote some notes to the kids' teachers, and generally picked up the big chunks of clutter around the house.....All this, because tomorrow I AM GETTIN' CRAFTY!!! Do you hear me people?! and I DO NOT want any interruptions!!! Geesh!! What's a girl got to do to get some crafty time?!

Tomorrow, you know where to find me!

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DIANE said...

I can relate to all your trials and tribulations of fundraising. I was the committee for our PTO this year and I've already told the co-presidents no for next year. But you are right, it is like childbirth, and even though I have resolved not to do it again (two years was enough), I find myself thinking that it wouldn't be so bad. Arrrgh!!! Don't let me do it!